SageGuard Solutions recognizes that water is a precious resource. To preserve it for future generations, it is essential that we treat it with respect. For this reason, we at SageGuard seek out revolutionary water treatment technologies with the goal of accelerating their implementation, thus improving environmental sustainability while helping businesses save on utility expenses

As a technology aggregator and solutions provider, SageGuard sits between your industry and the complex, ever-evolving world of water technology and regulation. We bring water engineers together with industry and regulatory expert

NASA Glenn’s Technology Transfer Office has reached an agreement giving exclusive, world-wide rights to NASA’s water treatment technology to SageGuard Solutions, L.L.C. of Westlake, Ohio. NASA’s proprietary technology, known as Plasma Pure™ , is a High-Voltage Plasma, Water Purification Technology that was originally developed for manned space flight operations.


Water Purification System
Water Plasma Spray
Water Incubation System.


In order to work on missions to Mars, Plasma Pure™, needed to be solar powered even at low levels of sunlight. Ultimately development of standalone, solar powered, field units, will be deployed around the world CREATING NEW SOURCES of DRINKING WATER where there was none. These durable, low-maintenance, will give arid regions of the world, pure, clean and safe drinking water. This will impact health issues caused by contaminated water. Clean and safe drinking water will become a basic human right available to every citizen of this world.

In conjunction with other technologies, Plasma Pure™ technology can be used by municipal wastewater treatment plants to produce more than just clean water. The system can be incorporated into producing profit generating fertilizers and other profitable chemical commodities.

It’s hard to believe there’s a world-wide water shortage because the planet is covered 71% by water. 96% of that water isn’t fresh nor drinkable. The numbers thrown around on this subject are hard for the average person to comprehend. How do you make sense of a number like 332.5 million mi3 of water? This is the TOTAL of ALL WATER ON EARTH, according to The US Geological Survey. Only 4% of that 332.5 million cubic miles is DRINKABLE water. But what does that mean? We need perspective to fully understand this. The image below, gives us this much needed perspective to make these numbers meaningful.

The image of Earth, below, represents total volume of the planet Earth. The blue sphere on North America represents ALL OF THE WATER on Earth. The smaller sphere above Kentucky represents the ALL OF THE FRESHWATER ON EARTH – including swamps, surface and underground water we can’t get at. The tiny blue sphere above Atlanta represents THE TOTAL FRESH, DRINKING WATER AVAILABLE TO SUSTAIN ALL OF LIFE ON EARTH.

NOTE: The Great Lakes of North America contain 20% OF EARTH’S TOTAL, DRINKABLE WATER. That leaves only 3.2% of all the drinkable water ON EARTH to be shared by 7,484,325,476 people‼ ALMOST 7.5 BILLION SOULS.

Plasma Pure™ technology will play a strategic role in CREATING more drinkable water for all citizens of Earth.

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